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Book description for “I Was Thinking the Other Day About…” 

What Biblical lessons can you learn from falling out of your uncle’s pickup truck, accidentally hitting your cousin in the eye with a paddleball, or watching toads patiently wait for tasty bugs? Bill Jones pondered those, and othermemories and observations of everyday life, and found the lessons God gives in them. Such thinking crystallized his understanding  that God’s goodness and greatness are all around us, and He is with us every step of our journey through life.

The stories told in these devotional readings illustrate how God uses the happenings in our life, both the good and bad, and the small and large, to show us His love and mercy, and teach us how we should live. Mixing touches of humor and unconventional perspectives, the author gives us the opportunity to do some thinking about our great and gracious God, and, hopefully, get a little closer to Him.

Review Excerpts From Amazon:

“Bill’s teaching of Biblical principles using entertaining and thoughtful anecdotes from his life experiences is a primer for practical Christianity. It’s a book you will read through, and then refer back to as a sourcebook for devotional studies and a guidebook for applying the Scriptures to circumstances in your own life.” Dr. Eck

“This collection of spiritual lessons found within the stories of everyday occurrences is a wonderful reminder of how important it is to constantly remember Christ in all things. These down-to-earth stories help bring certain biblical and theological applications to life in a relatable way. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves great short stories, loves studying christian disciplines, or to anyone who is generally looking for an uplifting read.” Andrew

“I am grateful for the amazingly down-to-earth, but heavenly-focused stories of Bill’s experiences and insights in this book! I have laughed out loud, shed tears of deep joy, and had the Holy Spirit’s kick of conviction. God is in our every day and He is everything. Thank you, Bill, for a wonderful read. Keep ’em comin’!”

“This is a wonderfully warm book about life’s experiences and observations of a Christian man and its biblical base. You will want to buy “extras” to give to your friends!” Anthony