Garden Pictures

Back Door Garden

My wife Sharon’s favorite combination


Path by the Blueberries

Beds with netting to keep the rabbits out

Moon Flowers

Wind Spinner on blueberry netting frame

Pagoda Plant

Angel's Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet

Swamp Hibiscus - native plant in this area

Swamp Hibiscus – native plant in this area

Devils Trumpet

Devils Trumpet

Pink Hibiscus - don't remember the variety

Pink Hibiscus – Rubrum

Giant Dahlia

Giant Dahlia

The Lone Sunflower

The Lone Sunflower

Oak Leaf and Trees

Oak Leaf and Trees

Wild Yucca Plant maybe

Wild Yucca Plant


14 thoughts on “Garden Pictures

  1. Bill, I am so excited you and Sharon are sharing your life with us. It is so good to see Him in all you do and say. God has blessed you and I am glad!

  2. Bill, Love your garden thank -you for sharing! Did you build the windmills yourself? Anyway I want to stop by and thank-you for following Men of One Accord I hope and pray it bless you. I look forward to following your blog and learning from you. May someday God will bring us face to face and we shall pray together in person. He who’s hands work the soil of the garden works hand in hand with the Lord, may He bless your harvest 100 fold, Amen. James

    • Thanks for stopping by, James, and thanks for the good thoughts. The windmills are store bought (actually internet bought).
      Looking forward to the future – God Bless you and yours.

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