Four Things I Discovered in a Year of Blogging

Sunflower and Butterfly Bush

Since I’m approaching the one year anniversary of my blog, and this month’s theme for the blogchain is “Discovery”, I’m taking the opportunity to note a few things I’ve discovered along the way. They’re in no particular order, and presented as relating to life, not just blogging.

One blogging tip often given is to include a photograph. Over time, I noticed that blogs with photos do tend to get your attention quickly. Although I don’t think I have a special talent, I adopted the advice. When I did, I discovered I paid more attention to the intricacies and wonders of God’s creation. So, don’t just follow the cliche and stop and smell the roses:

1. We should stop and view the world around us as if looking for a great photograph that says: “Look what our God created and blessed me with!”

 “Views” are good – meaning someone at least stopped by your blog – but, you don’t know if they read it or just moved on. “Likes” are better and actually pretty neat. I take all that I get (naively, for a few I realize) as meaning someone did read the post, liked it and took the time to click the button.

But, I’ve discovered that the best of all are the real (non-spam) comments. The commenter read the post and thought about it enough to reply with an additional aspect, a word of thanks or a question. It also means they opened themselves up to possibly get a reply back – ie: open communication.

2. We build relationships by communicating. We should take the time and effort to do just that – with others around us and with God – that’s the best of all.

Some blogs have thousands of followers, and get thousands of “likes”. I’m nowhere near that level. At times, the low numbers of views, likes and comments can be discouraging and make me wonder if it’s worth it. Then, I get a comment to the effect of “Thank you, Bill. That’s just what I needed to read today”. And, then I can thank God, and rediscover that He has a purpose for me, and that day it was to write those specific words.

3. We should look for opportunities God gives us to write or say just the right words for someone each day. And, on the other side, when someone writes or says the right words for us, we need to let them know and encourage them.

4. In most things in life, especially relationships, it’s not how much or how many, but how deep.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer. Psalms 19:14 ESV

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Happy Blogiversary To Us!!



Happy Blogiversary! – It’s been six months since I started this blog so I wanted to take this week’s post to say thanks to you gracious folks who take the time to read it – and thanks to the Lord for His blessings.

During the six month period, as of my last check a few minutes ago, there have been 1,698 page views of this blog. (That statistic doesn’t mean there have necessarily been that many people who have visited. If you come to the blog and read 3 different posts that counts as 3 page views.) That’s an amazing and encouraging number to me. Not  that it’s  relatively outstanding – there are blogs that get that many page views every minute. It’s amazing to me that you folks have taken your time to stop and read what I’ve written. It’s encouraging in that the monthly numbers have increased each month.

The blog host (WordPress) does give other neat information, like which country the visits come from. As would be expected, the majority come from the United States. Canada comes in second, and behind them is the United Kingdom and Australia. Beyond those, with only a few each, are countries from around the world – Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland, etc. An example is the 7 views so far today – 5 from the USA, 1 from Italy and 1 from India. Another amazing thing for me to think about – all around the world!

It’s been fun to see how the internet searches from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. have found it. The most searches have shown up relating to devils trumpets and angel trumpets, from the post and pictures I had on that. A number came through relating to black widow spiders and wind spinners. The one that Sharon and I had the most fun with was finding how many searches are made on Charlene Darling of the Andy Griffith Show and “not that one Pa, it always makes me cry”.  

I thank all of you who signed up for the email notification and the RSS feed – and those who click the “like” button, and also send it along to Facebook and Twitter after reading a post (that really spreads the word). I thank those who have been able to leave comments, and encourage all to do that. But, with or without comments, I thank everyone who has given me a piece of their time to think about God with me a minute or two.  

When I started the blog six months ago, for its purpose I borrowed a phrase from a Bible Study we did a few years ago – I wanted it to be “to the glory of God and the good of His people”. I pray that has been the case, and hope, with His help, that will continue.

God Bless