400,000 Miles of Blessings

Odometer hits the 400,000 mile mark

Odometer hits the 400,000 mile mark

I suppose every week has some kind of milestone. We just don’t notice them all. But, last week I definitely noticed when my truck (98 Ford Ranger) hit the 400,000 mile mark. It’s been a great truck – a few repairs here and there, but otherwise great – and, I do thank the Lord often for His blessing me with it. As you see, I actually pulled off the road and took a picture at the moment of the milestone.

I’ve been telling Sharon that I’m shooting for the 500,000 mile mark and then I’ll decide what to do. As always, there’s a Lord Willin’ on that statement.

What milestone did God give you last week?

“Whether for correction or for his land or for love, he causes it to happen. “Hear this, O Job; stop and consider the wondrous works of God.” Job 37:13-14 ESV