A Psalm for the Weary

Dear Lord, sometimes I feel so tired.

In my fatigue, my faith dwindles.

In my weariness, my passions sleep.

In my daily busy-ness I tell myself I am serving You,

Yet at the end of the day I’m not sure whether I did.

But then You give me a word, or a thought, or a verse, or a song, or a sight –

 From those around me whom I love or those around me whom I don’t even know.

You give me an opportunity to recognize Your Holy presence.

And I remember that I am Yours and You are my God – The One I’m trying to serve –

The God Who does not tire.

The God Who truly wants the best for me.

The God Who will carry me and give me all the strength I need to serve Him.

In this my faith is strengthened and my passions awake!

I will praise You, and worship You, Oh, merciful and gracious Lord of all!

One thought on “A Psalm for the Weary

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