The Windmill and The Holy Spirit

Windmill Full View

Windmill Full View

The windmill was my choice for my 40th wedding anniversary present. Thanks to Sharon for agreeing it would be appropriate. In case you’re wondering, even though she will enjoy this too, she got something different for her present.

The windmill is 12 feet tall, and as you see, I had a bed already there like it was made for it. It spins wonderfully and the vane turns it into the wind just as it should. Our only regret is that when it’s spinning so wonderfully, it isn’t generating electricity or pumping water. That may be another project someday, but for now we will enjoy watching the wind’s effect upon it.

The windspinners we’ve installed, and the windmill’s actions often bring to mind Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus about the Holy Spirit. Just as we can’t see the wind but can see it’s effect on the world around us, we can’t see the Holy Spirit, but we can see His effect on the hearts of the people around us. He is always moving and working, and we get to marvel when He turns hearts of stone into soft hearts of flesh. It’s especially marvelous when it’s our own heart that is changed!

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” John 3:8 ESV

8 thoughts on “The Windmill and The Holy Spirit

  1. Hello, long long friend! My computer browser actually lets me come again today so I’m revisiting while I’m here.

    Thinking of the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives: the windmill analogy is great. Bob & I were talking yesterday about cultural beliefs that surround all of us that hinder the effect of the Gospel in our lives. Through conviction, the Holy Spirit working in us generates power to change.

    For some people, sanctification involves overcoming a bad habit — like repeating all the foul language we hear all around us. For some it’s an addiction they must overcome. And for all of us it’s what our culture teaches us, that which has become so deeply embedded in our understanding that it takes the Holy Spirit to dig it out and say, “This is NOT of God.” For example: “There are two subjects you should never discuss: religion and politics.”

    One thing the Spirit showed me once… Hey, this gives me a topic for today’s blog post! 🙂

    • Hello back to you long long friend! Glad you could come by again.
      I like the thought of the Spirit generating power to change.
      The foul language of these days amazes me. It seems to show that many people have a very limited vocabulary.
      I’ll have to check out your post to see what the topic ended up being.
      Thanks for stopping by and visiting with a few words. Always good to hear from you.

  2. I love your garden and how you use it to illustrate God’s word. We now live in an apartment and my garden is my balcony which by the way I still enjoy filling with flowers.

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