God Will Give Us a Push When We Need It

A Sandy Dirt Road

A Sandy Dirt Road – Hard to Push a Car Down One

My cousin, Lewis, kept yelling, “Push! Push!” He was in the driver’s seat, hollering back at me, as I strained to push his 56 Chevy down the small hill on the sandy road beside my house. With a dead battery that could no longer crank the car (and no funds to replace it) we had to work with alternate means. That’s when a manual transmission (and much younger legs) came in handy.

The sand was loose and deep, so progress was slow. After a few yards, Lewis thought we had reached “critical speed” and he popped the clutch. The result was an instant stop as the tires sank in the sand.

Several groans and a discussion of sorts came about as we prepared for another attempt. He waited longer and the car gained higher momentum on this run and, sure enough, he popped the clutch and there was the “stop/lurch” as the clutch engaged and the engine fired up.

I ran to the open passenger door, hopped in and slammed the door as he pulled away. We were off on another adventure, excited with the thought that we could end up anywhere… as long as we could find a hill (preferably paved) to park on when we arrived.

I will add that our adventures weren’t usually spine-tingling or heart-stopping, just normal stuff. I’ll write about a few at times (and some I won’t.)

That sounds like life in general. Normal stuff with a little spine-tingling thrown in now and then. But at times, even the normal stuff seems to get stuck in the sand, with a dead battery refusing to get us started. That’s when we should look to the Lord and His Word to give us a push.

For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5 NKJV

That is a promise from the Lord to be there to give us help anytime we need it. Think of it that He has parked us on a paved hill and He is ready to push when the next adventure begins.

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