Got Faith? Plant an Oak Tree

Old Oak Tree

Old Oak Tree

I went hunting for an impressive oak tree to photograph and found this one along a stretch of highway south of Daisy, Georgia. It is impressive. My purpose for the quest was to illustrate one aspect of faith: “for we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2nd Corinthians 5:7 ESV.

I don’t think this oak came about from a squirrel dropped acorn. I think someone planted this tree a century or more in the past. I have no proof of that, so that’s just a deduction from the other oaks up and down the road that appear to have been placed in particular locations. There probably was a house here then, but it probably wasn’t this one. (Could have been remodeled through the years, though).

The tree wouldn’t have become impressive during the lifetime of its planter. It’s likely it didn’t even reach “noticeable” status. And, it’s an absolute that the planter is not still around to see it become this mighty tree. But, that didn’t matter – they walked by faith. They knew what would happen far in the future. Their small efforts would become established and grow into a massive tree that would provide food and shelter for animals, and shade and comfort to people. I don’t know if they had the thought that just the sight of the tree would give a sense of wonder at God’s Creation, but I know that’s what I felt as I came around the curve and saw it.

It is just a deduction that someone planted this tree many years ago but the concept stands. Anytime you plant a long-lived, slow growing tree, you probably won’t see it reach “impressive” size. But, somebody will.

When the Apostle Paul wrote about walking by faith, not sight, he was noting that we don’t see the Lord, but we know (by the faith that God gave us and the Holy Spirit within us) we will see Him face to face one day. Paul then states that because of that, our aim in everything is “to please Him”

And that’s where I think another aspect of “walk by faith” comes in. It’s not planting trees (although I consider that a good thing), it’s doing things to please the Lord, even though we may not see the results (perhaps not even in our lifetime). As Jesus told us: Give someone who is thirsty a drink of water in His name. Feed the hungry. Welcome the strangers. Visit the sick. Make disciples.

Got faith? Then walk in it. Plant an oak tree. Or, better yet, spread the Good News about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

6 thoughts on “Got Faith? Plant an Oak Tree

  1. What a beautiful tree! A great analogy.
    I was thinking one day about Ruth. Like, who was she but a destitute widow? Daughter-in- law of another destitute widow. A gleaner in the fields, not much higher on the social ladder than a beggar. Yet here we are, three thousand years later, still talking about her and her little contribution to the plan of God. She never would have dreamed of this level of fame.

  2. What a beautiful thought to plant the word and know it will grow and spread .I am praying that I can do that in my children and grandchildren even though I might not live to see the wonderful result.

  3. April 1983, while hiking through a friend’s woods I spotted a spark of bright orange on the ground. I knelt down to see what it was…a tiny Oak Tree about two inches tall that was still attached to the acorn. The acorn had split and the outer shell exposed the inside that was orange and yellow. I started crying because it was so beautiful. I asked my friend if I could have the Oak Tree. I took it home and planted it; plus put cement blocks around the tree so no one would mow it down. The first summer the tree only had two leaves. My Oak Tree will be 31 years in April. They are still considered to be young trees at age forty (40). I wish I could send you a photo; it is an absolute beautiful tree. I read once that you should name a tree for someone that is strong. I named it after my father. A few years ago I noticed a volunteer growing next to a garden bench. It is over five feet tall now. I plant trees all the time… Buckeye, Maple, several types of Pine and fruit trees. My children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren are playing under these trees. God is good …All the time.

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