A World of Choices

More Volunteer Flowers – thankfully, I was paying attention while cutting the grass in the “back forty” (OK, it’s only a “back one” but “back forty” sounds neater).
The other night my wife, Sharon, and I were talking about being blessed to be able to make choices. That’s deeper than you might think – start with the fact that you have a place to live and food on the table. That opens up a world of choices on what you plan to do today.
I thought about that when I realized the long list of blessings that together allowed me to be able to choose to leave these beauties alone.

3 thoughts on “A World of Choices

  1. There are so many choices we have in this time and place, and in our income bracket, choices some other folks never have in their whole life.

    One day we heard about an old couple living up in the mountains in Haiti. The wife had been able to manage her diabetes with pills, but the time came she needed insulin. The husband went to the deacons of their little congregation and asked for advice. They considered the options and decided to buy him a cow. Their logic: “The cow will have a calf; you can sell the calf and pay for your wife’s funeral.”

    Finding the money for insulin, then trying to preserve it in a hot area without electricity, seemed impossible. Considering the many families lacking even basic shelter and children suffering from severe malnutrition, moving the couple to a city and financially supporting them there was not an option, either.

    When I’m tempted to grumble about health care and/or a lack of options, I think of that older couple and their only option.

  2. Thank you Christine – those are thoughts like I’ve had – I believe I am thankful (and don’t just say I am) for food everyday. But it struck me not long ago that I have never once, for even one second, wondered where my next meal would come from. Quite eye (and heart) opening!

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