Volunteer Sunflowers From the Birds

Sunflower and Butterfly Bush

Volunteer Sunflower in Butterfly Bush

We have several bird feeders in the backyard. One of the seeds we provide them is sunflowers.

Volunteer Sunflower by the Birdbath

Then they give the blessing back by dropping seeds all around the flower beds where the volunteer sunflowers bloom.

Sunflower in the Window

Like blessings from God.

“Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1

4 thoughts on “Volunteer Sunflowers From the Birds

  1. Blessed is he who sees volunteer plants as flowers–not weeds.
    We get the odd sunflower from our bird feed, too, though the grackles & brown thrashers don’t leave many.
    We have a lot of wild sunflowers (rudbekia) popping up in our garden; the first spring we lived here I left them grow, never dreaming they’d get so tall & bushy. Some made 4′ and they were loaded with blossoms. Goldfinches came a dozen at a time to feast on the ones that went to seed.
    My neighbour warned me that I’d be sorry if that happened and I was determined to pick off the blossoms–before I saw how many they were. My husband ordered me to dig them all up when the seeds started ripening — and by then they’d put some good roots down, too!
    Hereabouts they are roadside weeds, maybe 2′ tall; some country roadsides seldom get mowed, so are full of wild sunflowers blossoming their hearts out. Birds love them.

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