Blessings from God – Birds

Closeup of Bird on Feeder

Closeup of Bird on Feeder

I thought I would try something new this year – Take pictures of birds and then figure out what kind they are. I know many of the species that live here but still hope to get some good pictures of them. And also get some that I don’t recognize – like this one. I could just say that’s a sparrow, since there are many different kinds of them. But, I don’t know. Can anyone identify it?

It’s good to try some new things now and then (although I do love being in some ruts). What comes to mind is the Bible telling us, in several places, to learn and sing a new song to the Lord. Always good to find new ways to praise Him. And I guess I can find out what the bird songs are and know to praise Him like they do.

Oh sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth!” Psalms 96:1 ESV

9 thoughts on “Blessings from God – Birds

  1. A lovely Pine Siskin you have there. That is my 2012 birthday bird! When we can, we try to go birding on our birthdays hoping to see something new, but this came to our feeders.

    And yes, birds are a blessing from the Lord. As we observe and learn about them, we are so amazed at how He thought of everything that they (and us) need.

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