Blessings from God – 100 Followers (Plus 3?)

They seem to be watching for something.

They seem to be watching for something.

I thank the Lord and all of you out there who follow this blog. We reached a milestone of 100 followers last week. It is humbling to think there are that many people who went through the time and effort to sign up – and many who regularly read the posts, view the photos, and “like” or comment.

I’ve been extra busy with work these days so I haven’t posted much. I am trying to take some photos for future use, and it will soon be time to start the gardening stuff. Perhaps the Lord will bless it like He did last year.

Like several of you, I hope to self publish a book in the next few months. Most of it will be stories I’ve written over the last 5 or 6 years. I’ve posted some on the blog, but most haven’t been on here.

Like the sparrows above, it seems we’re all watching for something. I pray that whatever we see, it will be to the glory of God.

6 thoughts on “Blessings from God – 100 Followers (Plus 3?)

  1. That’s a nice number of followers. šŸ™‚ I hope everything goes well with your book.

    The thing that really struck me about this photo is these birds are getting along. Prior to them migrating to their southern quarters, the Chipping sparrows were fighting terribly. It probably was just pecking-order issues, but it seemed rather violent at times. So it is good to see them living at peace (for the moment?).

    • Thanks for the encouragement and comment on the sparrows. We must have 100 of them that hang around during winter. I didn’t realize they migrated – thought they just moved to the woods in summer.

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