Bible Study – Cherish the Knowns, Work on the Unknowns

Three unknowns

Three unknowns

Since I’ve started a bit of “birding” in the backyard, I’m discovering just how many unknowns I have. Here are three unknowns that decided to get a bite to eat at the same time. I thought I was fairly knowledgeable from my Boy Scout days (which I admit was quite a while ago), but, I’ve gone beyond my knowledge level of the cardinals, mockingbirds, and bluebirds – and realized my ignorance.

When I say “gone beyond”, though, I don’t mean I’ve forgotten them. I have learned that we have the Northern Cardinals, Northern Mockingbirds, and Eastern Bluebirds. But, whether I knew the more specific name or not, the bright red of the male cardinals will always make them a favorite of mine. The songs of the mockingbirds are beautiful, and the blue of the bluebirds is amazing.

It reminded me of Bible Study. As we’ve heard and read the Bible through the years, we’ve probably had more exposure to the well known, and appropriately well loved, verses and passages – “For God so loved the world..”, “The Lord is my Shepherd…”, the Christmas and Easter stories, etc. But, it’s also probable that even though they are familiar, the Holy Spirit has given us additional insight, understanding, and application of these passages at different times. By continuing to study and listen, we learn more about what we thought we knew completely.

And, if we expand what we read and hear to include the whole Bible, we learn more about our glorious God. Things we may have had in the back of our mind become clearer because there is wisdom throughout the entire Bible.

Thanks to help from some of you, I’ve learned of the Pine Siskin and the Chipping Sparrow, and now can enjoy my knowledge of them also. But, the red of the male cardinal will always be a favorite and the blue of the bluebird will always be amazing. As we search the Scriptures, we will discover more verses that will become cherished – but we will always rejoice and be comforted and amazed that “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16 NKJV

7 thoughts on “Bible Study – Cherish the Knowns, Work on the Unknowns

  1. L to R: Female Goldfinch in her winter clothing, female House Finch and male House Finch. 🙂 There was a time when we had no clue what these birds were, but now after enough time, we recognize when a stranger comes to visit.

    I find the song of your state bird as one that rivals the Mockingbird. 🙂 We’ve only seen the Mockingbird once and that one was outside of its normal range. Poor fellow sang his heart out, but no female was to be found.

    Your insight about Bible study is one I am learning. I just got through the book of Numbers and there was so much I had never really seen before and there is much that I can apply today. And it makes today’s age of grace so much more vivid. God showers us with His mercy and how often we fail.

    • Thank you very much, Kim. I actually had the male house finch correct but wasn’t sure enough – didn’t quite look like the pictures I had.
      We have several Mockingbirds around – and they do often sing their hearts out.
      Yes, Numbers is very full and applicable to our lives today.

  2. For the bird on the right I was undecided between a very red house finch and a pine grosbeak, but if Kim says it’s a house finch I’ll bow to her superior knowledge. 🙂 I doubt a birdwatcher would see pine grosbeaks at feeders, but who knows?

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